Monthly Archives: October 2008

Tridion Content Delivery Master Class

Content Delivery makes sure that all content you publish is delivered through the right channel to the right people, offering features such as dynamically created Web sites, personalized content delivery and tracked visitor behavior. This course is designed to teach (Tridion) Architects different strategies for implementing Tridion to best suit the needs of the organization.

Tridion R5 Technical training

This course is designed for SDL Tridion R5 programmers who need to understand and work with the
product API, Object Model and product components such as Content Publishing, Deployment, Delivery
and Linking.

Tridion Foundation (1 day)

This one day course provides a generaloverview of the functionality of SDL Tridion technology and R5 from basic features and terminology to end-user authoring skills. Foundation Training is a mandatory prerequisite to all training courses.


Graduation courses:

  • Mathematics B
  • Physics
  • History
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Dutch
  • Gymnastics …

in addition:

  • French 4 years
  • German 4 years

(ING)Postbank customer service

I worked this job during my studies at the NHL in Leeuwarden. I worked here an average of 20 hours per week over a period of 2 years. First month as helpdesk agent and, after being layed of and rehired within my first six weeks, as e-mail agent.