Agile performance – Are we doing well?

Are we doing Agile well? Answering this question seems to be top of mind. However, the solutions proposed are not always that Agile from the outset. Recently I received a piece of thought ware on this subject that was less then Agile in my humble opinion. It wanted to answer the question ‘Are we doing… Read More »

MBA: Confirmation of Graduation

Dear Mr. Boekhorst, The Examination Board met on Tuesday 16 February 2016 to review the academic performance of EMBA15 participants. We are pleased to inform you that your grades have been ratified by the Board and that you have met all the academic criteria required for the award of Masters in Business Administration. We look… Read More »

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MBA experiences: In class simulations

One of the most exhilarating activities during the MBA was the in-class simulations. The direct head-to-head challenges either between teams or individuals are very exciting, and enjoyable if you are an adrenaline junkie. During the RSM EMBA, we only had three instances where we were graded on these simulation sessions. The first was the Markstrat… Read More »

Elasticsearch implementation: Brute force ‘stemming’

During my last project I was responsible, as a project manager, for implementing the open source search engine Elasticsearch and the crawler Nutch. It proved to be everything they promised and then some. To get the stemming of the Dutch content right we used a Brute force approach by using  a synonym file for all… Read More »

My future career development

How do I see my career developing and how will an MBA @RSM help me achieve my goals? I want to become one of the best conductors of customer journeys. Removing the  hurdles customers are experiencing when interacting with the same company through different channels and touch-points. Optimizing the outcome of the interaction between organizations… Read More »

MBA sponsorship approved

My business case for the Executive MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management has been approved. Somehow together we (thanks to all who helped) succeeded in convincing: My wife My counselor 2x Service line leader Service area leder Consulting leader, talent partner of consulting and the learning manager. Thank you for the faith you have placed in me by… Read More »

Seven Years in Deloitte Consulting

After Seven years in Deloitte Consulting I finally made it and landed on the beach (at least partially). Which of course gives me the time to do all sorts of activities: Work on my career plan (and remind my protégés to do the same) Update Curriculum Vitae ( in 2 languages and 2 formats) Find a new project… Read More »

SDL Tridion SEO: Managing inbound links

404 pages are the best way to lower search engine rankings and scare  visitors away from your site. In many cases the content is still available on the site only the location changed. Tridion eliminates the number of broken links within your website if your content editors  make correct use of component linking. Component linking makes it… Read More »

My promotion to: Father

Sorry, I was forced to post the above picture by Alvin. He wondered why I stopped posting and I think it is  only fair to share with you my reason for my absence. Alvin suggested that I stopped posting because of a promotion and I have to admit: It sure feels like a promotion. I… Read More »