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Publish XML or HTML from Tridion?

I created a small evaluation in order to make a substantiated choice between publishing XML or HTML from Tridion. I already assume that you made the choice between static and dynamic publishing Perhaps it will be of interest to someone:

Separating content and presentation / Re-usability of data.
Since the web application completely determines how or which parts of the XML content is presented, the same content can easily be displayed in different ways.
Tridion publishing Performance.
When publishing XML content, Tridion only needs to render one Component Presentation which will take less time then rendering multiple Component Presentations.
Maintenance and extension of Component Templates.
Your templates in Tridion will be simpler and thus easier to maintain. The complexity is transferred to the web application which is much easier to main then Tridion templates (try debugging or refactoring your code in Tridion).
Minimizing CMS development dependencies
Changes in the HTML templates will not result into changes of the CMS template code.
Presentation performance.
Rendering the XML into HTML on the presentation server will use more resources then displaying plain HTML.
Complexity of the web application
The web application will be partially responsible for rendering the content.
Grand total +