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SDL Tridion SEO: Managing inbound links

404 pages are the best way to lower search engine rankings and scare  visitors away from your site. In many cases the content is still available on the site only the location changed. Tridion eliminates the number of broken links within your website if your content editors  make correct use of component linking. Component linking makes it very easy (and tempting) to change the location of content within a website.

Unfortunately inbound links and search engine content is not managed out of the box by Tridion which results in the dreaded 404 pages being served to visitors and crawlers. The solution is simple: Redirect (301) the crawlers and visitors to the new location of the content yourself. To do this you need to:

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My promotion to: Father

My daugther Kira


Sorry, I was forced to post the above picture by Alvin. He wondered why I stopped posting and I think it is  only fair to share with you my reason for my absence. Alvin suggested that I stopped posting because of a promotion and I have to admit: It sure feels like a promotion. I got a fancy new title, huge responsibilities a sizeable addition to my workload and very little extra pay. However when I look into those blue eyes I get the feeling it is all worth it and I hope you will forgive me for not posting. In any case the number of visits on my blog has doubled since last year. Which is a testimony to the success of SDL Tridion. To keep this blog relevant I hereby promise to resume posting.