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Tridion .NET templating, Yea or Nay

In version R5.3 Tridion has introduced Modular/Compound Templating, which offers (more) separation between layout and business logic. It also allows the implementation of Template Building Blocks (TBBs) with C# and/or .NET assemblies.

A Template Building Block used with Modular/Compound Templating is (normally) responsible for one major task. For example: Converting XML to HTML, Publish all Binaries in the package or Activate Tracking (these are all standard Tridion TBBs).

Below I’ve listed the major ‘Pros and Cons’ of working with Tridion .NET templating. Continue reading

A short introduction

Due to the fact that I don’t have a personal blog, I’ll (ab)use the one Albert has… Thank you Albert.

A short introduction; my name is Gerbrand Smit, I’m a colleague of Albert (also a consultant at Deloitte Consulting) and have been working with Tridion for more than six years now. In those past years I’ve done a great deal of Tridion implementations and have grown really fund of projects where Tridion is involved.

My latest project was with Tridion R5.3 SP1, allowing me to ‘play’ with the new SDL Tridion .NET Templating, I’m going to share some of my views on the subject in the next post.