SDL Tridion Troubles

This post is a Response to “Rants on Tridion Implementations” which I ran into on my Sunday evening round of blog reading. In this post Nuno L rants about the burden of fixing broken Tridion implementations. We seem to be in the same business and I would like to share my perspective on this subject. I strongly… Read More »

SDL Tridion (5.3) deleting large publications

Recently I had the possibility of fixing one of my customers blueprinting structures which was of questionable quality. The change involved phasing out twelve large publications filled with all types of content imaginable. Of course I used the tips&tricks from a previous post on this topic which handled the ‘unpublishing‘ of content. However I quickly… Read More »

XSLT templating Tcm Script Assistant

I have to admit I am an XSLT junky. It seems to be useful for almost anything. From transforming Enterprise Architect models to full blown reports or simply adding sequential numbering to data dictionaries. My XSLT skills have proven to be a huge time saver on many occasions. The only flaw in XSLT is its… Read More »

SDL Tridion dynamic website performance

During one of my recent Tridion consulting assignments the client asked me about the performance difference between a website using a dynamic publishing approach vs a static approach. For he had concerns about the performance of dynamic websites. In the graph below you can see the difference the Google crawler noticed after a website, which consists… Read More »

SDL Tridion 2009 installation on windows 2008 64-bit

In a standard situation I would strongly advice against installing Tridion software yourself. It is far more efficient to hire a friendly Tridion application engineer to do the installation for you. The reason behind this is simple: They install Tridion on a weekly basis where I struggle to get one installation a year under my… Read More »

How to delete a publication from Tridion

Recently I came across a post (and a fellow Tridion blogger, keep up the good work!) which answered the question “Why won’t this publication delete?“.  It describes a tool (source code included) which helps you find the pages which you need to unpublish before you can delete the publication. It mentions two prerequisites which need… Read More »

Howto publish folders from SDL Tridion

In the Tridion cms content is being stored in folders. The folders are similar to folders in file systems, they contain both subfolders and components. However if you wish to publish the content of an entire folder you will have to traverse all subfolders yourself in order to select and publish the components manually. Not exactly a… Read More »

Tridion .NET templating, Yea or Nay

In version R5.3 Tridion has introduced Modular/Compound Templating, which offers (more) separation between layout and business logic. It also allows the implementation of Template Building Blocks (TBBs) with C# and/or .NET assemblies. A Template Building Block used with Modular/Compound Templating is (normally) responsible for one major task. For example: Converting XML to HTML, Publish all… Read More »

A short introduction

Due to the fact that I don’t have a personal blog, I’ll (ab)use the one Albert has… Thank you Albert. A short introduction; my name is Gerbrand Smit, I’m a colleague of Albert (also a consultant at Deloitte Consulting) and have been working with Tridion for more than six years now. In those past years… Read More »