SDL Tridion Publication

Tridion publications contain the building blocks used in Tridion blue printing. A Tridion Publication contains ONE of the following website parts: Nothing. Also known as the “Empty Master” has no parents and can never be given a parent. Placed to ensure that in the future the publications below it can be given new parents. Data… Read More »

SDL Tridion Page

A Tridion page corresponds with a physical page (HTML/ASP/JSP/XML/CSS etc) on a website. The type and layout of the page are defined by the Page Template that is used on the page. A page is also a container for Component Presentations. It is possible to add 0 or more Component Presentations (chunks of rendered content)… Read More »

Page Template SDL Tridion

The Page Template (PT) defines the overall layout of a page. It is in fact  a master page which defines the header, footer and navigation on a particular page type. It also defines where Component Presentations are placed on the page. The picture belows shows what is defined in the Page Template In addition it… Read More »

SDL Tridion Component Presentation

A Component Presentation (CP) is a rendered chunk of a component(content). The rendering is done by a Component Template. A component Presentation is either used as part of a fully rendered Page(see page 2) or it is published to the broker DB (see below). Using different Component Templates you can create different Component presentations from… Read More »

SDL Tridion Component Template

A Component Template  or CT is a small program which is used to render (parts of) components based on  specified schema’s. In other words programs which create chunks of XHTML. In Tridion parlance these chunks are called Component Presentations. It is possible to use different CT’s to render the same content. An example might be… Read More »

SDL Tridion Component

A component is an instantiation of one of the Tridion (XML) schemas. It is a piece of XML which can be validated against the XML Schema that was created for the specified content type. It contains both content and metadata fields. Useful GUI functions include: Versioning makes it possible to revert to a previous version… Read More »

SDL Tridion (XML) schema

A Tridion schema is used to define both the content and meta data fields for a certain type of content (=component in Tridion Lingo). It is an XML Schema which can be generated from the Tridion GUI. Not all options available in XML Schema are available from the GUI. However it is possible to use… Read More »

Alias in Tridion

The goal of an alias is to create a link to some article on your web page that is short and descriptive enough for your audience to remember. Application could be for a TV commercial or printed media. In these cases you want to keep the URL short and simple. For example the url… Read More »

Evenementen database and online shop

Shortly after the go live of the chamber of commerce website we identified some parts that were at the end of their software life cycle (TODO:unable to find suitable link will create post on that myself). One of these components was a vehicle called the “product selector”. This part of the site was styled very… Read More »

Minnesota Licensing in Tridion

This project was the first Tridion project for Deloitte US. As we all know Tridion is currently ranked as the lead Web Content Management System by Forrester (login requirerd). As Tridion is executing its push into the US market it was only a matter of time before Deloitte US would be engaged in a Tridion… Read More »