SDL Tridion Component Template

By | October 28, 2008

A Component Template  or CT is a small program which is used to render (parts of) components based on  specified schema’s. In other words programs which create chunks of XHTML. In Tridion parlance these chunks are called Component Presentations.

It is possible to use different CT’s to render the same content. An example might be the rendering of a news article. You might want to present on your homepage a link to a new article. On a news overview page you might want to display the title with a short description of the news content. And there will be a place where the full article is displayed.

This can be achieved by defining three different CTs where each one renders the specific occurrence on the website.

Configuration options for a CT include:

  • Linking priority. To get the component links pointing towards the full news article version set the linking priority of this CT to high (or the others to low).
  • Template type: Vbscript, Jscript, XSLT, Compound template, .NET.
  • Output format: XML, HTML, ASP, JSP etc.
  • Publication model: Embedded on a page (static), Dynamic.
  • Linked schemas. Components based on these schema will be rendered with the CT. •