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By | November 20, 2008

The proposed launch date for the Tridion Building Blocks Exchange website is set for december 2008 (join the SDL Tridion R5 group on linkedin). The goal of the website will be the exchange of the newly introduced compound templates. The compound templates are introduced in Tridion 5.3 and are .NET based. They are a big step forward from the old VB, Java and (my favorite) XSLT Component templates and page templates, because for the first time it will be possible to debug by using an actual debugger. Finally! 🙂

I hope they will also publish some kind of roadmap and get a discussion going on the future of the product. In any case I hope to meet you there and share a few ideas and perhaps, who knows, even some templates.

SDL Tridion is about to launch the BBX community. This Building Blocks Exchange Web site gives experts the stage to share their great work such as reusable tools, Modular Templates, scripts and more. And of course to download and use for your own Web sites. The exchange Web site is scheduled for launch before Christmas.


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