UWV external and internal websites

By | October 15, 2008

RoleDescription: Tridion web programmer
Techniques used: Tridion, XSLT, VBScript, JavaScript, Sharepoint 2003, Utraseek, C#
Period: 09-2005 until 11-2006

The goal of this project was to continuously improve and develop new functionality for www.uwv.nl and the UWV internal website. It was a classic ASP website where the Tridion templates were written in XSLT. The publication model was the “static” type where complete pages were published to the webserver.

One of the bigger projects was concerned with importing manuals into Tridion. There were in total about 80 manuals that needed to be imported with some books taking up over 20K components in Tridion. The biggest challenge here was in generating the navigation in Tridion. Most Tridion implementations suffer from the time it takes to generate navigation files. Where a typical implementation does not contain more then 20K content components the manuals alone contained over 150K content components. I found a solid solution to this problem which generates the navigation files over 100 times faster.

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