Equens merger

By | October 15, 2008

RoleDescription: Tridion web programmer
Techniques used: Tridion, VBScript, CSS
Period: 09-2006

In the days before the merger of Interpay and Transaktionsinstitut I was called in to help a colleague to do some last minute template tweaking. The goal was to reuse the existing website template’s to create 3 internal websites and 3 external (Dutch, English and German) websites.

The deadline was met with three hours to spare (no champagne for me: a go live for the UWV in the wee hours of the night). The day after the Equens merger we were presented with a magnum bottle of champagne for a job well done. Within one month and with very little effort we were able to create 6 new websites by effectively using Tridion blueprinting.

In addition to this showcase of Tridion blueprint Strength (6 websites live within one month) I also added a few small features to the site.

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