WABO datadictionary

By | October 15, 2008

Role description: Data analyst, team lead
Techniques used: UML (Enterprise Architect), WSDL, XSD, XSLT, excel
Period: 09-2006

Advisor datadictionary for the ministry of VROM. The goal was to aggregate and minimize data from 30 licenses for which the 400+ governmental agencies granting them had developed a large variety of different forms. I needed to identify and categorize the essential data into a datadictionary, which could then be used to create one form to be used by all agencies.

During this project I supervised the work of a few junior project members. For this project I used a tool called Enterprise Architect which was able to generate WSDL and XSD’s to be used for the definition of messages. In addition I wrote an XSLT program which transformed the XSD into a human readable datadictionary.

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